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We understand that the resource you are hiring is not just a number addition, but a productivity addition and you would like this individual to be hired right at the correct time using the right tools through the right sources. At Velsun, we assist you to validate your requirtments in terms of skill sets,competency industry background,compensation and the right segments.

We ensure that a dedicated team works on your requirements with absolute adherence to the deadlines set and quality to the recruitment. And you do not have to go through the entire telephone directory to reach the right person in the recruiting team. A dedicated account Manager, nominated as a Single point contact will ensure smooth flow of communication,compliance and achievement. Speak to us today for your requirement.

The Cost of the recruitment is not only how much you pay the agency, but also the resources spent on validating the work of agency.We honor your resources.Be it your time, money or effort. We ensure that you get a small but effective bunch of candidates who match your requirement. Partner with us to effectively and efficiency increse talent pool.

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